What are your constitutional rights

This infographic provides a decent basic framework for knowing your rights in the United States:

Your constitutional rights in the United States

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A Real Ad For Obamacare

You’d think this is from The Onion, but sadly, it’s real:

A real ad for Obamacare

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Extreme Taekwondo

These guys are incredible athletes.

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How The Economy Works By Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio is the CEO of the world’s largest hedgefund, Bridgewater. This animated 30 minute documentary on how the economy works, produced by Bridgewater, and narrated by Ray, offers a very digestible, informative take on how the economy functions. Everyone should watch this:

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Citi Bike BMX Riding

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Static Electric Balloon On Donald Trump Hair

Donald Trump Static Electricity

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Danny MacAskill Imaginate

We’ve been following Danny MacAskill’s amazing bicycle prowess for years, and his new video is a real treat. Never stop playing…

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Rick Santelli Rant About Fed QE

What is the Fed so afraid of, if every analyst is saying buy buy buy everything is great, why is the Fed still in crisis management mode?

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The Michael J Fox Show

Michael J. Fox has a new show coming out, and it looks great. I’m not a big TV watcher, but I’ll be recording this series, check out the trailer:

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HD Video of The Spire Hoisted to Top 1 WTC

Some view from up there. We had seen some photos, but here is HD video of the spire being hoisted to the top of the new World Trade Center.

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