1 In 3 US Toys Are Toxic

I would think that in the United States of America, I could be relatively certain that the toy I bring home from Toys R Us or your local toy store will be safe for its intended purpose. Not the case at all, in fact 1 in 3 toys out of 1500 tested, was toxic. Toxic as in contains heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and bromine.

This is major manufacturers as well such as Little Tikes and Disney! This is an outrage, we must demand our toys be non-toxic, an outrage! Here is the Yahoo write up on this study.

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3 Responses to 1 In 3 US Toys Are Toxic

  1. Jam says:

    That’s really scary. I have a 7 month old kid and all she wants to do at the moment is chew stuff. I keep her away from most household stuff of course, but I had been assuming toys were safe. Guess not.

  2. I.M.Hopeful says:

    Wow!! You can’t assume anything anymore. We’re living in an age where everything has to be scrutinized from the toys we buy to what pension funds are invested in. Happy Holidays!

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