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Global Warming Reaches Emergency Status

The planet is going to hell in a bucket. We are this very minute seeing dramatic and catastrophic changes in the environment. Polar ice sheets are melting at an alarming pace, whereby they will be completely gone by 2060. Read … Continue reading

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Survival Skills Quiz

Do you know what to do if an aggressive dog attacks you? How about what to do when caught is a stampeeding crowd? Take this fun quiz, see how you do, plus find out the correct answers.

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The plan requires congressional approval which let’s pray to God he doesn’t get. On the block are 309,421 acres in more than 30 states. Please read and act on The Nation’s Call To Action. Bush – You’re an ASSHOLE!

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170 MPH in Traffic!!

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Why Exercise Frightens Me ;)

What’s going to happen to all that mass when they stop weight training??

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Managing Email with Gmail

If you have crazy amounts of email, learning how to maximize the power of gmail will change your life. This post has some great lessons.

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Barron William Trump

The New York Nerd offers our warmest congratulations to Donald Trump, Wife and Mother Melania Knauss, on their new addition to the family… Barron William Trump! Born yesterday, March 20, 2006, Barron weighed 8 1/2 pounds. Trump found out that … Continue reading

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Improve Your Resume

CNN has a fabulous (short) article that sites excellent good and bad examples. For example: Instead of… “Demonstrated success in analyzing client needs” Try… “Created and implemented comprehensive needs assessment mechanism to help forecast demand for services and staffing.”

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Better Cappuccino

You won’t see it on the menu at any Starbux, but the “Short Cappuccino” is the shiznit. You can order it at any location and they are trained to make it even though corporate won’t let it appear on the … Continue reading

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How To Pick A Lock

I’ve always been intruiged by the art of lock picking. It is such a cool thing to claim knowledge of. If you have an interest, here is a very comprehensive, interesting, and well diagrammed guide for your perusal.

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