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Drug War Clock

This clock updates every second, showing how much money is spent by the federal and state government on the drug war. It’s currently up to about $20 billion. I for one would rather see that money spent on body armor … Continue reading

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2000 Montana Forest Fire Picture

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The Housing Bubble

This is a fantastic articleabout the housing bubble full of good logic and sense; it draws interesting conclusions and scenarios. The article clearly shows that this is a speculative boom and not a fundamental boom that would be sustainable. Prepare … Continue reading

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How Bush Won The Election

Put simply: Kerry is a dork, and it shows in his pictures. Check out all of these side by sides of Bush Vs. Kerry, and you tell me who comes across as a confident leader. In reality we all know … Continue reading

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Hardcore Clothing Catalog

This is wild, too wild for me to post a live link… this clothing company has a full video pornographic catalog,

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We Need A Revolution

Wired just released a very powerful piece about why 1968 was so much different than today.

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Teen Buzz – Mosquito Alarm

How about a ringtone that people under 20 years old can hear, while those older can’t, imagine the possibilities for carrying on in school. Teenagers have adapted a high pitch alarm called the Mosquito alarm, originally developed to drive gangs … Continue reading

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South Beach Thong

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America is NOT #1

America is #1 is one of our most popular slogans, and most people believe it to be the case. But check out this interesting collection of stats that prove otherwise. We don’t like to think about how stupid the majority … Continue reading

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No Link Between Marijuana & Lung Cancer

Researchers at UCLA were surprised to discover zero connection between even the heaviest smokers of marijuana and lung cancer. Whereas heavy smokers of cigarettes showed to be 20 times more likely to develop lung cancer. They theorize that marijuana’s active … Continue reading

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