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Hong Kong’s Oldest Housing Complex

Hong Kong’s oldest housing complex consists of 100 apartments that are 100 square feet each. Interesting to see what they each did with the tight space.

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Big Tobacco Would NEVER Target Kids

Yeah right, check out this old commercial for Winstons on The Flinstones! Horrible…

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The Gizmondo Story

This is fascinating stuff… this company somehow blew through $160 million in 18 months. It’s a story of criminal records, Ferrari’s, venture capital, pure greed and corruption.

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Proper Sushi Etiquette

I love sushi, and eat it often, but I definitely learned a few things from this article about using proper manners in the Japanese restaurant.

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Fox News Killed Kerry

Fox News destroyed the chances of John Kerry’s campaign for the presidency as you will see in this video. There is no question that whoever runs in 2008 from the Democratic party is going to have to contend with this … Continue reading

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Way Back in 2002

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Save The Internet!!!!!!

Companies like AT&T, Verizon, & Bellsouth are lobbying as strong as they can to remove net neutrality. What is net neutrality you ask, it’s what allows you to visit any site you want and have an equally strong internet signal… … Continue reading

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What People Will Do For A Buck

These two old women evidently befriended two homeless guys, then took out 19 life insurance policies on them. Now they have been arrested after both men were killed in hit and runs. How crazy is this story?

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The Exxon Global Warming Video

Hold onto your hats.. Exxon recently produced a one minute public service announcement which denies global warming and promotes carbon dioxide emmisions. This is real, not meant to be a joke… they think we’re this stupid, are they right, are … Continue reading

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Clever Advertisements

Don’t get stuck in the wrong job.

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