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Nazi Movement In United States Gaining Strength

Nazi’s would have killed these trailer trash first, they want to blame the black man and the Jew for their heroin addicted brother and for the father/uncle with no job. No but seriously, these people are scary. This is a … Continue reading

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The End Of Drunk Dialing?

LG has just released a phone, now available in South Korea, that has a built in breathalizer test. If you blow higher than .08% BAC a graphic of a car flying off the road comes up on the screen. The … Continue reading

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Our Lifecycle

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An Inconvenient Truth Gets Thumbs Up From Scientists

America’s top science climatologists give Al Gore’s movie 5 stars for accuracy. From the article: While more than 1 million people have seen the movie since it opened in May, that does not include Washington’s top science decision makers. President … Continue reading

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When Graphic Artists Get Bored…

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Doctors Sign Off On Torture

According to an article in Time Magazine, from Andrew Sullivan’s new book, “Oath Betrayed”, doctors in Iraq have to sign off on torture before it occurs. They review the detainee’s medical records to determine the appropriate means of torture based … Continue reading

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Dubya Sings “Sunday Bloody Sunday”

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Unbelievable Dune Climbing

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Exotic House Cat

These people have a big wild cat that they keep in their apartment in Russia. They posted tons of pictures, I looked through some, and this one was my favorite 😉 Keeping a cat like that as a pet is … Continue reading

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Brazil Vs. Turkey, Worldcup

mmmmm Brazil!!!

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