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How Does Rain Effect Butterflies?

As you can imagine rain is a potential killer for a butterfly, surely they have evolved some process of survival when they’re flying around and a thunder storm rolls in, indeed they have. A raindrop to a butterfly is the … Continue reading

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Unusual Photographs

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How Dangerous Is Scientology?

Is it just some funny religion that believes in Xenon and aliens, or is it a dangerous cult? Well apparently there is significant evidence that this is in fact a dangerous cult. Watch this slide show, it paints a vivid … Continue reading

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Which party is for you?

Sometimes people identify with one party or another but they don’t really know what they’re standing for. Take this short quiz and find out if the party you identify with really is the party for you. Or if you’re really … Continue reading

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Hadji Girl – Marine Video

This is the video that is causing such a stir. You have to patiently let it download because it’s in demand. A Marine sings a morally reprehensible song and the crowd goes wild.

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We could have killed Zarqawi sooner but…

According to this article from MSNBC, we had accurate intel in 2003 that Zarqawi was running a weapons lab in Northern Iraq, that was connected to the London ricin arrests, and we could have taken him out right then and … Continue reading

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TShirt Guide

With so many thousands of clever tshirt sites out there, and google being crowded with crap when you search “tshirts”, it would be impossible to find the sites that truly are the best. But this guy really knows what’s what, … Continue reading

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You have a migraine, that’s hot…

Researchers have found a link between migraines and sex drive. It is believed sufferers of migraines have higher sex drives because the same chemical causes both. So the next time your mate says they have a migraine, you tell them … Continue reading

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Sofa King Low

Read the slogan aloud.

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World Cup 2006

Welcome to the World Cup 2006 everyone!! Let’s go USA!!! Here’s a little something to get you in the mood if for some crazy reason you’re not already!

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