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Anatomies Of Toons

I’ve certainly never seen anything quite like this. Apparently this guy got inspired to figure out what the skeletal system of 22 of his favorite cartoon characters would look like. The results are funny, you notice how out of proportion … Continue reading

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The Angry Man

It is rare to see a list of rants be so funny, but this one is. It’s a long list, he goes off on everything from car alarms to avalanch safety.

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Volvo Treasure Hunt

First let me say that I think treasure hunting is very cool, and so is guerrilla marketing. This is straight from the Volvo press release: Ever wanted to experience the ways of a true pirate, seeking buried treasure? Volvo is … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to Alfred E. Newman?

It looks like he grew up!!

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Extreme Human Glider

Loic Jean Albert BASE jumps from a helicopter down the side of a mountian, Warren Miller narrates.

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Walmart’s Data Center

This 125,000 square foot fortress is Walmart’s Data Collection SuperCenter. What it houses is mystery shrouded in the utmost of secrecy. According to a 2004 New York Times article, Walmart had enough storage capacity to contain twice the amount of … Continue reading

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An Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore’s new movie, An Inconvenient Truth, is evidently one of the most important films for everyone in the world to see. He says that in about 10 years the world will reach a tipping point where the damage will … Continue reading

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MC Hammer’s Blog

MC Hammer has a blog that he updates regularly, no seriously, it’s true!

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Shamu Takes Out A Kayak

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Bush Rapping

Check out the funky fresh hip-hop style of Curious GWB!

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