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Diebold Machines Designed To Be Rigged

A voters’ watchdog group just took apart a Diebold voting machine, and they were horrified to see a switch inside that lets anyone with a screwdriver flip between memory A and memory B. This means that the machine can be … Continue reading

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Motorcycle Idiots

You have seen those maniacs fly by you on the highway, but you always say to yourself, well they probably know what they’re doing or they’d be dead already. Well, this clip shows just how stupid these guys can be.

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Current Money Trends

Bill Bonner of Money Week just published a very interesting article. He discusses the top 5 trends going on right now that are going to have a major impact. While I agree with most of his assertions, my only complaint … Continue reading

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Bible Contradictions

I knew the bible was full of hypocrisy, but this is ridiculous. They have a list of direct contradictions, I hope your mouse wheel is working because you’re about to scroll.

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Insurance For File Traders

As you may be aware there is a major front in the war on software piracy vs. freedom for information exchangers in Sweden. Now a new company has join the fold on the side of the file traders, (Swedish, … Continue reading

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Impeach Bush Poll

This live MSNBC poll asks the question, should George Bush be impeached… the answer? A resounding 87% of the respondants so far say yes!

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Stop The Violence – Legalize Drugs

If you want to know why we need to legalize drugs immediately, the answer is right here, in a brilliant article by Norm Stamper. Norm Stamper is former chief of the Seattle Police Department and an advisory board member of … Continue reading

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Floyd Landis Juiced?

Floyd Landis just failed his drug test following the final stage of the Tour de France, in which he rallied from behind for one of the most dramatic victories in The Tour’s history. He tested positive for epitestosterone, which unfortunately … Continue reading

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The Cost of Being Poor

This article exposes a side of being poor that is rarely thought of, it’s expensive! People can’t have a bank account because they charge minimum balance fees, so they have to pay hefty fees to cash their meager checks. They … Continue reading

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Sad Picture From Sudan

The photographer who took this picture won a Pulitzer Prize and then committed suicide. War sucks, especially this type of war, that causes wide spread suffering.

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