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Israeli Conflict Diagram

This sums it up:

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Bush Dog Poop Flags is giving out these George Bush flags for free, and then you’re supposed to go plant them in piles of dog dung around your neighborhood, take a picture of it, and then upload the picture on their site – … Continue reading

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3 Stages Of A Man’s Life

Before Marriage After Marriage After The Divorce

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The Hypocrisy Of W’s Stem Cell Veto

Jon Stewart does a beautiful job of exposing hypocrisy, so as you can expect he goes to town on the president’s “culture of life”.

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Bush Backrub Video

For all those who wonder if the still frames exaggerate, here’s the stunning video: Bush tries to give Chancellor Angela Merkel a backrub at the G8 summit.

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Best Cartoon Of The Year Award

I know it’s only July, but this cartoon is pure genius, and it wins The Nerd’s Best Cartoon Of The Year Award. Congratulations!!

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Bush Gives German Chancellor Merkel A Backrub

The press has given this incident light coverage, and says that Chanellor Merkel of Germany smiled as our President gave her a backrub at the G8 summit this weekend. Take a look at these photos, does she look like she’s … Continue reading

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Tax Dollars For Iraq

This Jon Stewart clip covers how military boot camp is becoming very much sisified, and then goes on to discuss how this war is being paid for.

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Stealing Bikes In NYC

In this video they demonstrate how absurdly easy it is to steal bikes in New York City. The thing that strikes me is that even though so many people see you doing it, they only see a snapshot as they … Continue reading

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Funny Medical Marijuana Debate

Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell (from The 40 Year Old Virgin) performed this hilarious debate over medical marijuana a while back on the bit Even Steven on The Daily Show. These guys are so funny.

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