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The Bible Letter

This petition is great… they’re petioning Walmart to pull The Holy Bible from their shelves. They cite numerous offensive passages endorsing murder, sexual discrimination, and buying slaves.

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Redneck Rocket Launcher

In this video these crazy rednecks light off 8500 bottle rockets at once, I nearly fell off my chair!

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Mini Cooper Hybrid

Being green has never been so cool! This hybrid Mini Cooper has a 160 hp engine at each wheel. That’s 4 engines producing 640 total horsepower, that sends this baby 0-60 in 4 seconds. The charge is good for four … Continue reading

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How Netflix Works

The New Yorker just published a very interesting article entitled,

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You Might Be A Redneck If:

A little rain doesn’t spoil the fishing… Everyone at spring break enjoyed riding on your limo… You carry your front porch with you… You need fashion tips from your husband… You wear a tshirt like this for your engagement picture… … Continue reading

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Jack Cafferty Rips Bush A New One

In this segment from The Situation Room, Wolf Blitzer has a guest on that tip-toes around the issue just like every other person has done on TV before him, then, 2 minutes into this video, they bring on Jack Cafferty … Continue reading

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Polar Bear Attack Survivor

This man was attacked by a polar bear and lived to tell the tale. He shot the bear in the midst of being mauled in his tent and survived, these are the dramatic and graphic photos.

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Green Skyscraper In China

China doesn’t have the best record when it comes to the environment (to say the least), but on a positive note, this skyscraper will produce more energy than it consumes. China gave the project massive subsidies, so good job China, … Continue reading

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This Terror Plot Was A Joke

According to this chemist, there was no possible way that this terror plot could have succeeded. Then he compares this to some of the ideas he’s had that could work. I’m a little reluctant to share this article, because the … Continue reading

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Bin Laden Met With CIA Agent In July 2001

According to French Intelligence (insert joke here), Bin Laden was treated at the American Hospital in Dubai, July 2001. While there, this source, says he was visited by an agent of the CIA. That would be very interesting, but the … Continue reading

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