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Take Better Pictures

I am not the most photogenic person sometimes, but I just came across this article, 5 tips to look better in pictures, and they’re really good tips. I could paraphrase but you’re better off just checking out the article.

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Be Sure To Smoke Your Cannabis Everyday…

New research continues to pour in demonstrating the wide array of health benefits produced by marijuana. From protected your brain from damage due to alcohol abuse, to a type of tumor whose only treatment seems to be the magical herb, … Continue reading

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Trimethylminuria – Woman Smells Like Rotten Fish

Here’s an interesting read, this woman smelled like rotten fish her whole life and the smell was so intense it would fill the entire room and even an auditorium. She visited all sorts of doctors and specialists to no avail. … Continue reading

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The Most Diverse Picture Of The Year

The U.S Transportation Security Administration is the proud recipient of the most diverse picture of the year award!! Notice the guy with one arm in the foreground… and the giant black man standing 3 feet behind everyone else so he … Continue reading

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Censored Ann Coultier Cartoon

This comic strip featuring Ann Coultier in a burka was censored today by the International Herald Tribune. I think it’s quite clever.

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Stewart & Colbert Respond To Oreilly & Geraldo

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Kid Selling 2% Of All Future Earnings For $100,000 On Ebay

Check out this auction, this kid seems pretty sharp, what a great idea! He will pay 2% of his annual income to you from 2012-2052 for the starting bid of 100k. I don’t think it’s a great investment, but it … Continue reading

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Firefox Extensions

Firefox is exponentially gaining more and more users for good reason. In addition to being a safer security alternative for web browsing, it is also open source, so there are all sorts of cool add-ons that you can supercharge your … Continue reading

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Don’t Poke The Leopard

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Aspartame Is Ant Poison?

The web is awash with all sorts of theories about aspartame. The company’s story is that it was designed as an anti-ulcer drug, and they realized it tastes sweet. But one theory that seems very interesting is that it was … Continue reading

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