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Super Mario Bros. Wedding Cake

It’s Beautiful…

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Bush Seeks “Clarity” On Torture

Steven Colbert invites Bush onto the show to demonstrate what he means by torture.

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Willie Nelson Busted

The latest casualty in the war on drugs is none other than Willie Nelson. State troopers in Louisiana said they smelled pot emminating from his bus at a reststop. They boarded the bus and seized 1.5 lbs of hydro, and … Continue reading

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Best Of Borat!

Borat, one of the stars on Da Ali G show, also played by Sacha Baron Cohen, is hilarious!! There is a full length Borat movie coming out (Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan), which … Continue reading

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Bush Needs To Read The Art Of War

I just read a very interesting commentary; John Lang goes through Sun Tzu’s The Art Of War, and demonstrates how we are going so very wrong in our campaign in Iraq. Our enemies are following the book by the letter, … Continue reading

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Iraq is Lost, We Are Defeated

It is now safe to say, victory in Iraq is out of reach. Our military is extremely low on man power, and our equipment has worn out and been destroyed in Iraq’s hostile terrain. If George Dubya and Rumsfeld would … Continue reading

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Reverse Grafitti

England has become home to a new breed of grafitti artist. Paul Curtis AKA Moose, uses a novel technique: selective cleaning. His tools: elbow grease and a shoe brush. Authorities are baffled as to whether this constitues a crime. Paul … Continue reading

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Bush Family Nazi Connection

It has been long speculated that Prescott Bush, Dubya’s Grandfather, was intimately involved with Hitler and the Nazi Party. Newly declassified documents prove this to be 100% true. The Guardian has released a shocking expose today.

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Samsung Phone Snapped In Half

As you may have heard, evidently Motorola sponsored this video of the new Samsung phone effortlessly being snapped in half. The video has become scarce, but this one is still working. Brilliant marketing by Moto.

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Disney 9/11 Petition

Disney is making a movie full of lies about 9/11, neocon garbage. Check out this petition, and add to the stack:

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