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Bee Sting First Aid

I hate bees, it’s an irrational fear, but for some reason they really piss me off. I just found out that the best remedy for a sting is baking soda. You mix it with water to make a paste and … Continue reading

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Polish Artist Jacek Yerka

This guy has some incredible artwork, check out his website. This piece hit me:

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101 Sex Tricks

101 Sex Tricks to try before you die… there are some very good ones in here 😉

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Orange Juice + Toothpaste

Ever wonder why orange juice tastes so bad after you’ve brushed your teeth in the morning? Here is the answer.

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Pi In Color

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W’s Resume

Custom Suits: $50k Rigging an election: $100 million Getting away with it while this is your resume: Priceless

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Cure For Cancer?

South Korean scientists have acheived a major breakthrough in their cancer research. They genetically engineered a virus to feed off of cancer cells, brilliant! It effectively removed all sorts of different cancer in 60 days. More on this story.

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The Omni Beanbag Chair Is Amazing

I just got my hands on The Omni beanbag chair from, and wow, this is the most comfortable chair in my living room. I want to get 8 of them and replace my couch. It’s made of very heavy … Continue reading

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Nevada To Vote On Legalization Of Marijuana

On November 7th Nevada is going to vote on an initiative to legalize ganja. You would be able to buy it at government owned/operated stores and pay a $40 per ounce tax. I don’t want to jinx it by talking … Continue reading

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One Brilliant Man Builds Stonehenge

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