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US Tank Imposes Street Justice In Iraq

These people stole some wood with their car, so we crushed it! :0

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Trippy Website

From the creator of Teletubbies comes, could be the trippiest website to date. Imagine Boohbah on weed man…

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What the world eats

Check out the food a family consumes during one week, in pictures from 4 distinct regions. It’s funny, it looks like China has it best! This is America: everything is processed garbage

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Receipt Review

If you’ve ever shopped at Costco, Walmart or any of a dozen other stores, you are no doubt familiar with the policy of reviewing your receipt after you check out, before you can leave the store. Ever wonder what would … Continue reading

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Don’t Sit Up Straight

I always thought sitting up straight was optimal, but it looks like a recline is better according to this article in BBC Health. How are you supposed to sit at a computer in that position? I try but I always … Continue reading

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Kid Rock Is Such A Loser

The story is that Kid saw the Borat movie at a special screening held at Ron Meyer’s house (Head of Universal Studios), and he flipped out, calling Pam all sorts of horrible names like whore and slut. This was evidently … Continue reading

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Lasik Side Effects

A new study finds cause for concern regarding the longterm well being of patients that have opted for Lasik eye surgery to correct their vision. The laser surgery effectively flattens the cornea which fixes vision immediately, but it effects the … Continue reading

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How Cocaine is Made

Drug rehab and drug detox are great ways to beat a drug addiction. These programs help with alcohol recovery and prescription drug recovery as well.

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Parachute Skiing

In case heli-skiing is too tame for you…

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Don’t act like you’re not impressed

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