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Violent Acres – How To Fight

I like reading this crazy bitch’s blog, Check out this piece, “How To Fight”.

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Convoy Ambushed In Iraq

This convoy of 18 wheelers in Iraq, run by the private contractor Halliburton, came under fire on September 20, 2005. The video taken by one of the drivers has surfaced, and it is unbelievably scary to watch. You really get … Continue reading

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Hidden Message In Clothing Label

Manufactured in USA, sold in France, hidden message on label translated reads:

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Origin Of Names Used On The Simpsons

Here is a really interesting piece on Wikipedia about the origin of the names used on Matt Groening’s, The Simpsons. Most of them are from Matt’s family and Portland neighborhood, others are references to his favorite works.

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The Finalists For “The Last Picture I Ever Took”

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Real Estate Bubble – Truth In Advertising

Somebody placed this ad in a major newspaper in the style of a get rich quick scheme, only touting the reverse, such as “Enable investors to buy new condos and houses with maximum leverage so that 40% of all new … Continue reading

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Border Fence Company Hires Illegal Immigrants

The company contracted to build the border fence on the US border with Mexico has been fined $5 million for hiring illegal immigrants. Here’s more

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The Crab Nebula

The Hubble Telescope just returned the most detailed pictures ever taken of the Crab Nebula, breathtaking. Here’s more

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Cricket Commits Suicide Because Of Parasitic Worm

The gordian worm make itself home inside the cricket, then when it’s ready to move on, it injects a chemical into the cricket’s brain that causes it to commit suicide. At that point the worm is able to leave the … Continue reading

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Ted Johnson In Critical Condition

Ted Johnson is listed in critical condition after undergoing surgery to repair bleeding in his brain, it remains unclear if the Democratic Senator from South Dakota will be returning to work anytime soon. If he is unable to serve, the … Continue reading

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