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K-Fed’s Superbowl Commercial

K-Fed’s Superbowl commercial hit youtube. It’s not a bad commercial, but who the hell is going to buy an annuity endorsed by Kevin Federline, what was Nationwide smoking?

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Invisible Bookshelf

How cool it this invisible bookshelf? Here’s the how to, it’s really easy.

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Bush Surge Command Structure

Bush’s Iraq surge plan has a severe flaw that has gone largely unnoticed, dual command structure. American troops will be embedded with the Iraqi Army, but will answer to US officers, while the Iraqi troops answer to Iraqi officers. Here’s … Continue reading

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Top 10 Sleep Inducing Foods

Here is a list of foods that can help you get some sleep, sweet dreams. I’m surprised to see bananas on the list.

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Humvee In Iraq

Have a look at how we drive in Iraq!

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Republicans Repeal Minimum Wage Hike

What the hell is wrong with these bastards? 28 Republican senators voted to repeal the minimum wage hike. Here are their names and telephone numbers: Lamar Alexander (R-TN) – (202) 224-4944 Wayne Allard (R-CO) – (202) 224-5941 Robert Bennett (R-UT) … Continue reading

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Wolf Blitzer Interviews Dick Cheney

Jon Stewart’s commentary on this interview is priceless!

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Hillary Lied On Keith Olbermann

When Hillary Clinton was interviewed on Keith Olbermann prior to the State Of The Union, she told a huge lie regarding her position on Iraq; she said, “To launch a pre-emptive war which I said at the time I was … Continue reading

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Vladimir Putin’s Airplane

Putin’s airplane is extemely nice, have a look.

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How To Quit Smoking

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