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The Smartest Man

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Solution To Illegal Immigration

Drum roll please… Increase the penalties for employers. People hire illegal immigrants because there’s no risk to them, only upside. Start raiding worksites and issuing heavy fines, and we’ll see how fast people stop hiring them. As soon as there’s … Continue reading

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How Steak Is Made

I have to warn you, this is graphic, but it is a well done photo essay of where steak comes from. It made me hungry, check it out.

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Plasma Converter

An amazing new device known as a plasma converter may be the answer to our trash, pollution, and energy problems all rolled into one. New York City is going to be one of the first places to be utilizing this … Continue reading

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Mischa Barton Smokes A Fattie

The Nerd salutes you Mischa!

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Fastest Way To Peel Hard Boiled Egg

You peel both ends and then blow into it, here’s a 10 second video.

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This is as powerful a public service announcement as you will ever see:

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George Bush Spanked

One float in Germany’s Rose Monday Parade depicted Bush getting spanked by Lady Liberty. Great pic:

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Photos Taken At Just The Right Angle

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Australia Switching To Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

Australia is banning the incandescent light bulb and moving the whole country over to compact flourescent by the year 2010. This will save a tremendous amount of energy and reduce greenhouse emmisions a great deal. The Nerd applauds you Australia, … Continue reading

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