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Legalize Marijuana?

CNN is running a live poll, if you have an opinion – go vote! It’s on the left, under Lou Dobb’s picture…

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Hijacking Averted With Boiling Water

The hijacking yesterday in the Canary Islands was a thwarted in a most remarkable manner, with the pilot knocking the hijacker to the ground, a flight attendent throwing boiling water in the guy’s face, and 10 passengers beating him. Check … Continue reading

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Paraglider Caught In Storm

This paragliding champion got caught in a strong thunderstorm and got pulled from 2k feet to 32k feet. It’s a wild story of survival, apparently another paraglider survived an attack by two eagles recently in the same region. Here’s more

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NASA Video

NASA has released this video of a booster rocket’s decent back to earth, beautiful stuff.

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Test Your Right Brain

There is a man hidden in the coffee beans below. If it takes you more than a few seconds to find it, the right side of your brain is weak.

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Dog Hugs Baby – Photos

This is the most adorable sequence ever captured on film, enjoy.

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While you were drunk pictures

This is the funniest collection of pictures of people that were extremely screwed with while passed out drunk. I think my favorite is the bed moved on top of the bathroom stalls! Check it out

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Instant Runoff Voting

This seems like the perfect system for us to adopt. We wouldn’t have to worry about the Green party stealing our votes anymore. It’s called Instant Runoff Voting, and here is a cartoon video that explains how it works.

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Sopranos Marketing Campaign

With the new season of the Sopranos airing this Spring, HBO has launched a very aggressive marketing campaign here in New York City.

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What is your greatest weakness?

I have spent a great deal of time moving from one job to the next, and I have always loathed this interview question. What’s the best way to handle this question? My standard answer is I can get too focussed … Continue reading

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