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Buzz on the net: War With Iran April 6th

There is a lot of buzz on the internet that the US is going to attack Iran on April 6th starting at 4am local time. This chatter is due to a report leaked by Russian Intelligence. Friday the 6th is … Continue reading

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Sgt. Derek J. Hale, USMC – Murdered By Delaware Police

This is a horrifying story of a highly decorated Marine who served 2 tours in Iraq. When he came home, he joined the Pagan Motorcycle Gang, was immediately included in a narcotics investigation due to other members. Undercover police came … Continue reading

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W Lied License Plate

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MC Rove

Karl Rove rapping at the White House Corrospondent’s Dinner, funny to see the Rovester in action.

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Jesus Christ Never Lived?

I always believed that Jesus was a real man who lived. Well as it turns out, that very well may not be the case. There is a ton of evidence that makes for a very compelling case that Jesus Christ … Continue reading

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Nude Protest At Oak Grove

There was a nude protest to save the trees at University of California at Berkeley, some of the pictures are not safe for work, check it out. I just don’t know how some of those people climbed the trees naked, … Continue reading

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Creationists Prove Their Point

Creationists have finally used science to prove their point, now it’s settled, evolution is a fairy tale. 🙂

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US Launches Massive Show Of Force

It has been speculated for months as to when this show of force was going to happen, well it’s happening right now. Two aircraft carriers off the coast of Iran are showing off with simulated attack flights and the whole … Continue reading

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Cheapest Flights

Here is some good advice on how to find the cheapest fares online next time you need to fly. Check it out

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Tricks of the Trade

Every profession has its tricks of the trade. Here is a compilation of 30 or so professions and an interesting trick. One of my favorites was Nurse: Patients will occasionally pretend to be unconscious. A surefire way to find them … Continue reading

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