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Bush’s Last Day – The Countdown

The official countdown clock to Bush’s last day in office. We are going to throw a party of global proportions!

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John Bolton Gets Nailed on the BBC

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Bush Used Troops As Props

Not that it is shocking anymore when Bush disobeys the rules, but he used troops as props during a politcal press conference today during which he attacked Democrats. According to DoD Regulations: Regarding active duty troops It is DoD policy … Continue reading

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Fred The Bunny

This is a brilliantly designed site where first Fred the bunny dies and then it’s your job to save him. Check it out.

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22 month old Wii Tennis Player

The Nintendo Wii has a controller that you swing around to control the game. It’s so easy even a 2 year old can do it, actually it is, check out this video, so freakin’ cute.

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British Sailors Captured By Iran

Fifteen British Navy personell were captured at gunpoint by Iranian forces this morning. Apparently the Brits boarded a boat they suspected of smuggling in Iraqi waters, and then they were surrounded by Iranian vessils that escorted them to Iran by … Continue reading

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Escalator Skiing

Watch this guy ski down the longest escalator in Europe, he goes so fast.

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Edwards: Campaign Will Continue

John Edwards will continue his campaign for the Presidency even though his wife’s breast cancer has returned. Our respect and best wishes go out to the Edwards family. Get well Elizabeth!

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PETA’s Hypocricy

As you know there’s not much I hate more than hypocricy. PETA kills about 5 animals a day at its Virginia Head Quarters. These are unwanted dogs and cats, and I’m all for killing them. But PETA should of course … Continue reading

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Dog Fights Duck

The dog is playing, the duck is not.

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