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Former Director of NSA Speaks Out

General William E. Odom, former Director of the National Security Agency spoke out in the strongest words you can imagine against President Bush today. When a man of this caliber feels it necessary to speak as he did, you know … Continue reading

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Presidential Candidate Mike Gravel

Something incredible happened tonight at the debate. An unheard of candidate dominated all and voiced truth others are unwilling to. He had brilliant ideas and showed courage under fire, these are qualities we need in our next commander in chief. … Continue reading

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Marines Call In Close Air Support

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Ad Campaign Against The Veto

There’s already an ad out against Bush’s planned veto of the Iraq spending bill that requires troop withdrawl timelines.

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Lion Hunting Video

It’s really sad to see 3 rich white men with rifles hunt and kill a majestic lion, but the lion takes a shot at retribution. I don’t understand what it proves to go shoot a lion with a high powered … Continue reading

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Funny Ebay Feedback

When you buy something on Ebay, you leave feedback for the seller. It usually goes something like this: A++ will do business again, fast shipping, thank you! When people are considering making a purchase on Ebay they often look at … Continue reading

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Bush Continues To Amaze

Bush states the American people voted for change last November, and that’s what he gave them, in the form of a surge!

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$4/gallon Gasoline

According to Bloomberg, it’s looking very likely to see $4 per gallon prices at the gas pump this summer. If you’re in the market for a new car, now would be a good time to consider a Prius. Here’s the … Continue reading

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Honeybees Disappearing

There is a huge environmental problem that has gotten very little press, honeybees are disappearing. This particular article from CNN is alarming, but not as alarming as some of the more grim predictions of the consequences of this. Nobody knows … Continue reading

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Angry Letter From A US Marine

Here’s a letter about the Iraq war from someone who’s actually been there and lived it, her husband was killed in action over there, and she does not like the so called “support our troops” brigade, read this.

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