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Keith Olbermann Special Comment

Olbermann lights the screen on fire as he discusses how at this point, the entire government, including the Democrats, have failed us:

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The iGasm

Here’s another brilliant million dollar idea, this one from Ann Summers, creator of the iGasm. It plugs into an iPod and vibrates to the beat of the music. Apple is going after her for the likeness of her marketing campaign … Continue reading

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Best Nature Video Ever

Lions vs. Crocs vs. Water Buffalo = best nature video ever!

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Impeach Bush? MSNBC Poll

MSNBC is running a poll that asks, should Bush be impeached… so far a resounding 88% say yes, check it out.

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What Is Waterboarding?

Waterboarding is a type of torture used by many countries where the subject is strapped to a board and water is poured on their face to simulate drowning. The subject panics and breaks without leaving a mark on them, it’s … Continue reading

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Chinese Food Imports

The poisoned Chinese pet food has cast a spotlight on a most inconvenient truth, much of our food comes through China. Ascorbic is a preservative found in much of our food, did you know that all of it is manufactured … Continue reading

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Attention Lunatic Athiests


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Guiliani Campaign Slogan

The Onion has a great piece on his candidacy, check it out.

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Cops Beat Up Suspect

Unaware that they were being filmed, these cops beat up their suspect.

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Silent Fart Joke

An elderly couple was attending church services… About halfway through the service, she leans over and says to her husband, “I just let out a silent fart – what do you think I should do?” He replies, “Put a new … Continue reading

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