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USAF’s New Laser Weapon

The Airforce just unveiled this 747 mounted laser weapon. Once they perfect the targeting it will be able to take out a missile a moment after it’s been fired thousands of miles away. That’s because the laser travels at the … Continue reading

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Bush Pouring a Beer

Bush was sitting at a table with the other world leaders at the recent G8 Summit and had a beer. There is a huge swarm of debate as to whether the beer was alcoholic or not. But regardless of that, … Continue reading

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Henna Tattoos Are Very Dangerous

Real henna tattoos have been around for thousands of years and are completely natural and safe. Real henna dries green, brown, or orange, I’m sure you’ve seen Indian people with intricate designs in these colors. But the henna tattoos that … Continue reading

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Uncle Sam Quits

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Sopranos Insight

Bob Harris was a writer for TV shows, and he does a fantastic job of finding clues in the Sopranos. This is the most interesting piece I’ve seen on the final episode. Check it out

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Oprah Has 6 Toes

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So stupid it’s funny

It takes a lot of pride to go through life and not change your family name: Honey, I’m going to the cleaners… Yes, again! Do I really have to choose one or the other? Um, good city planning Perfect for … Continue reading

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Brilliant Advertisement

This 100,000 square foot ad was painted on a farmer’s field adjacent to Gatwick airport. So now when passengers look out their window when coming in for a landing… there she is. Not only has this website gotten the eyeballs … Continue reading

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Protect Net Neutrality

In case you haven’t noticed, the media has become completely controlled by mega corporations. If you wish to spare the internet from the same fate then sign this petition before the comments window closes on June 15th.

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Ebay Scam

Ebay allows sellers to use JAVA script in their templates used for listing items that they are selling. With JAVA a seller can run a million scams on the unsuspecting public, and Ebay has insufficient means of patrolling this exploit. … Continue reading

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