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Mountain Biking The Cliffs Of Moher

This is some of the most insane mountain biking on the planet, The Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. It may look familiar to you as “The Cliffs of Insanity” from the film, The Princess Bride. The updrafts can be strong … Continue reading

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How Much Jail Time Then?

Brilliant documentary asks pro-lifers the simple question, how much jail time should a woman who has an illegal abortion get? None of these activists have ever thought it through. If the pro-lifers get their way, and the Supreme Court declares … Continue reading

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Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton

Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton scares me. I’m not voting for Hillary. Time for a clean slate. I think this video is funny:

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Who Took A Private Plane?

In this Democratic Presidential debate the question was posed, who took a private plane to get here, a show of hands please. The question was supposed to highlight setting a good example for energy conservation. One thing it does for … Continue reading

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Deepest Garbage Can Ever

This garbage can in Hamburg, Germany looks normal: But this garbage can extends way below street level, so it doesn’t have to be emptied as often.

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We’re all wearing the blue dress now

This fantastic sign was posted on an I-80 overpass in Berkeley, California yesterday.

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$75,000 To Drink Vaccine Additives

Jock Doubleday, director of the California non-profit corporation Natural Woman, Natural Man, Inc., has offered $75,000 to the first medical doctor or pharmaceutical company CEO who publicly drinks a mixture of standard vaccine additives. The additives would be the same … Continue reading

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Obesity Map

CNN has just published a map that shows obesity rates in the United States rise dramatically from 1985-2004, check it out. What do you suppose is causing this, is it high fructose corn syrup?

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Great Protest Poster

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Steam Pipe Explosion

Here is footage of the New York City steam pipe explosion on July 18th, 2007.

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