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Mexican Trucks on US Roads

Mexican trucks are coming to a road near you, starting September 1st. The Mexican trucks will be filthy pollutors and dangerous menaces on our highways. They will also take away many jobs from the Heartland because American truckers will not … Continue reading

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Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal

Joel Salatin, owner of Polyface farm has written an essay outlining some of his beefs with the government. Polyface is one of the finest examples of sustainable agriculture in the country, and Joel Salatin is a very smart guy. This … Continue reading

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The man who sunk the Titanic

Meet the man who sunk the Titanic, David Blair. Blair was a sailor on the ship who forgot his keys, the only set that open a locker in the crows nest that contains the binoculars. It is thought that if … Continue reading

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The Omnivore’s Dilemma

I just read The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan, and enthusiastically recommend you do the same. I learned so much about the food industry, about how the government’s subsidies on corn are a horrible thing, about how the industrial processing … Continue reading

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Biggest Hand In The World

A 24 year old man in China just had plastic surgery on his “biggest hand in the world”. I would have posted a picture of the hand pre-surgery here but it’s really too shocking… if you want to see it, … Continue reading

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The Onion Predicts The Future

The Onion publishes very intelligent political satire. Sometimes they are so smart it’s scary, and this example from 2005 which predicts the Minnesota bridge collapse!

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Cheney’s Iran Provocation Strategy

It has been widely reported for the last 18 months that Dick Cheney was promoting a new hot front in the war on terror with a full out air assault on Iran. The most difficult part of this strategy seems … Continue reading

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No Parking

I wouldn’t test them!

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Backyard Waterslide

These guys were drinking beer hanging out in the backyard and decided to build a huge Slip ‘n Slide down the hill. They wound up bringing in heavy machinery and built it 535 ft. long! Check it out.

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Miss Teen USA 2007

The Miss Teen USA Pageant will take place on August 24th. At only 15 years old, Logan Brook Travis is the youngest of the bunch. I think this is where the term “jail bait” comes from. Edit: Here’s a link … Continue reading

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