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Jim Cramer Turns Bearish

Jim Cramer went balistic on the air last week over the impending subprime lending crisis, the video can be seen below. Cramer is usually one of the most bullish voices you’ll hear, always optimistic about the state of the economy. … Continue reading

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Official Endorsement: Ron Paul 2008

The NY Nerd offers its official support for the Republican Presidential Nomination of the Congressman from Texas, Ron Paul. I think this country would be a MUCH better place after four or eight years of the leadership this candidate can … Continue reading

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Steven King Reviews Harry Potter

I haven’t started reading the series yet, I look forward to reading it aloud to my children (ambitious goal). Steven King just wrote this interesting review of the Potter series, check it out.

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Actor Steve Martin Plays The Banjo

I am a big fan of Bluegrass music, and this performance by Earl Scruggs and Friends on the Late Show is a magnificent performance.

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Cheney: “Toppling Saddam = Bad Idea”

Here is a video of Dick Cheney from 1994, he plainly states why toppling Saddam Hussein would create a quagmire.

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Lion Reunites With Humans

These guys raised this lion in captivity and then released it into the wild in Africa. A year later they pay the lion a visit to make sure it’s ok, the lion is so happy to see them, it’s so … Continue reading

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Mac vs Dell [pic]

Apple is the clear winner against Dell in every way as far as I’m concerned, but just in terms of intelligence of the design itself, check out these side by side pictures.

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5 Big Lies of Rudy Giuliani

The media shows complete deference to the Republican frontrunner, in their eyes, the man can do no wrong. In reality his campaign is a bunch of balogna, just ask any New York City Firefighter what they think of Rudy and … Continue reading

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Facebook Created By The CIA?

This the first I’ve heard of it, but apparently there is a rumor flying around the web that was created by the CIA for the purpose of gathering information on people. Here’s an interesting article on the subject.

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Google’s Free 411

Google has entered the free telephone informations business, just dial 1-800-GOOG-411 for free directory assistance. You can also get directory assistance from Google by text messaging to GOOGL, I use that all the time. Here’s more

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