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Amazon recommends what??

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Redundant Consumerism

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Brilliant ideas

Here’s a whole bunch of million dollar ideas… a lot of why didn’t i think of that type of stuff. I really like the laptop computer pillow, i use my laptop bag, but that pillow would be sooo much more … Continue reading

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There’s No Such Thing As An Ugly Woman

Only those who can and cannot afford to get done up. There was a recent competition for best makeover. 9 contestants had 12 hours to go all out. The transformations are remarkable, check it out.

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Raytheon Silent Guardian

Raytheon has developed a new “non-lethal” weapon called the Silent Guardian. It can shoot a microwave beam 1/2 mile and scatter people by causing extreme pain. The crazy thing about this gizmo is that it doesn’t leave a mark, which … Continue reading

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OJ Simpson’s Lawyer Gets Heckled

This is nothing but funny, this heckler is a character:

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Bill O’Reilly /-: racist [video]

O’Reilly has had Sharpton on the show several times, so he decided to take Al out to dinner. He decided they should go out in Al’s natural habitat… Sylvia’s in Harlem. Afterwards Bill spoke about the experience on his show, … Continue reading

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Mercenaries Kill For Sport in Iraq – video

This video has been linked to British private contractors in Iraq from the company Aegis, similar to our Blackwater. Sickening, they drive around shooting random people, great way to win over the hearts and minds… a crime!!!

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George W. Bush Scared of Horses

George W. likes to be seen as a cowboy, but a new book by Mexican President Vincente Fox, a strong ally of Bush, drops a bombshell… Bush is a “windshield cowboy”, that is Bush prefers to drive than ride. Our … Continue reading

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Near Miss In Iraq

I would sh*t my pants over there, this is horrifying.

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