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Dollar On Verge Of Collapse

There is a lot of scary news today about the fate of the dollar. Personally I like a weak dollar, call me crazy, but this is the best way to bring manufacturing jobs back to the USA, where they belong. … Continue reading

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Extreme Rich/Poor Divides

This one is in Sao Paulo, Brazil. There’s a few more examples here.

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New Host of ABC’s The View is So Uneducated!

I guess ABC is trying to cater to the average American, who is apparently not educated past the 1st grade level. Watch here as she doesn’t know if the world is round or flat!

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Obama’s Tax Plan: $80 Billion in Cuts

This is the polar opposite from Bush’s plan, Obama intends to cut taxes for the people who need it most primarily for people who make under $50k. In addition, most Americans will be able to file their taxes in 5 … Continue reading

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9-11 Cigarette Ad

On September 11th of this year, an anti-smoking group ran this ad in Dubai’s largest english newspaper.

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I like turtles

This kid has quickly become an internet sensation after this hilarious live news clip. Here’s an article in the Washington Post about how much buzz has been generated.

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2 Buck Chuck – The Good Cheap Wine

Charles Shaw wine has become one of the most popular brands quickly, selling like wildfire for $2 per bottle in Trader Joe’s stores throughout the country. CNN just did a very interesting write up on the company, check it out. … Continue reading

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5 Minute Charge – Drive 500 Miles

Prepare to witness the end of gas guzzling vehicles. A new patented technology promises 500 mile range on a 5 minute charge! Current technology on the market requires overnight charging and less range, this would be ground breaking. Here’s more.

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Google Interviews Ron Paul

Google has a program where presidential candidates visit its Mountainview, California campus to be interviewed by the entire company. Here is the video of the Republican candidate, Congressman from Texas, Ron Paul. This video is a full hour long and … Continue reading

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The Master of Shadow Puppets

Raymond Crowe of Australia performs some of the most incredible shadow puppetry the world has ever seen.

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