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Google Translator Makes Political Jabs

Try entering sarkozy sarkozy sarkozy into Google Translator.

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Why Hillary Clinton Is A Bad Choice

I’ve often been asked why I don’t support Hillary Clinton for the White House. People want to know if it’s personal or if it’s her stance on the issues. The answer is both, and this article does a good job … Continue reading

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Chris Dodd To Filibuster FISA Bill

Chris Dodd is trying to stop a bill that gives telephone companies permission to give private records over to the Bush administration. It is a fundemental Constitutional right that is violated. A hold means that the Senate Majority Leader, Harry … Continue reading

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Comedy Central has launched, it contains every episode since Jon Stewart began hosting! Very impressive site, I am thrilled to see all this show saved so conveniently for posterity, it’s an instant classic.

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This is one of the best ideas I’ve seen in a longtime. It’s brand new so it’s early to say how big it’s going to get, but my guess is this is going to go viral. They ask you vocabulary … Continue reading

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Scientist Claims Black People Not Smart

James Watson is noted as one of the world’s top scientists on the subject of genetics, he won a Nobel Prize for it. So it is causing a bit of a stir that he just declared that black people are … Continue reading

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How To Survive A Street Fight

Do you know how to escape a bear hug or a strangle hold? Here are 6 videos that show you how, check it out.

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Don’t Make Your Bed

This just in: never make your bed ever again! Dust mites need moisture to survive, and when you leave your bed unmade, it gives the sheets and mattress a chance to dry out. When the bed is made it holds … Continue reading

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Time is money

This site shows your salary in real time, breaks it down to earnings per second. Pretty cool, check it out.

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Al Gore Wins Nobel Prize

Congratulations to Al Gore on winning the Nobel Prize, we were rooting for you! Now please run for President, the world needs you! Here’s more

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