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Watch This To Quit Smoking

The tar from two cartons of cigarettes is distilled out, if you want to continue smoking after you watch this, I’d be shocked:

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The Rapture Is Not An Exit Strategy

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Daily Show Writer Explains The Strike

The studios claim they can’t compensate writers for digital content because they don’t know how much it’s worth… why then is Viacom suing Youtube for $1 Billion?!?!

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Fox News Porn

Fox News serves up a very healthy dose of sex. A new website put it all together, it’s an impressive collection, check out!

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NYPD Union Blasts Guiliani

Police Benevolent Association Chairman, Patrick Lynch, had this to say: Giuliani has wrapped himself firmly in the cloak of 9/11 for his own political purposes. But the real heroes of 9/11, those who helped to evacuate those towers and lived … Continue reading

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Ron Paul Clip Circa 1988

Ron Paul takes on the war on drugs in this clip from 1988. This could have been filmed yesterday, the man’s convictions are exactly the same as they are today.

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Tea Party 2007

The Ron Paul campaign is celebrating the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party with a $10 million dollar fund raiser. My guess is that they’ll exceed that number.

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Why Lobbyists Hate Ron Paul

Here’s an interview with a lobbyist discussing why he can’t support Ron Paul for president. It’s a good example of why this country has problems, check it out.

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Tormento Del Agua

Waterboarding was common practice during the Spanish Inquisition, they called it tormento del agua. Bush/Cheney love this stuff:

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Dollar Plummets Further

Today China signaled its intent to diversify their $1.43 trillion holdings in favor of stronger currencies. That is a whole lot of downward pressure on an already weak dollar. If you have some money to invest I suggest buying some … Continue reading

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