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NBC Sucks

I was just in Union Square, and the place was filled with Obama supporters. There was an NBC camera crew complete with a satellite feed. I went up to the reporter and asked if they were there to cover Obama’s … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton Helped Walmart Fight Unions

Hillary’s campaign is aggressively courting the support of the country’s unions, but they should be very wary. From 1986-1992 Clinton was on the board of directors at Walmart, and helped them fight against unions. Here’s more, ABC Reports.

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THC Oranges

The New York Nerd’s man of the day is Hugo Nanofsky. His son was arrested 14 years ago in Florida for possession of a pipe. They impounded the car permanently, and this made Hugo furious. Hugo is a biochemist though, … Continue reading

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State Of The Union Cartoon

They hit the nail on the head:

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New Government Seal

Official Announcement: The government today announced that it is changing its emblem from an Eagle to a CONDOM because it more accurately reflects the government’s political stance. A condom allows for inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a … Continue reading

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Welcome to the party Qtrax! This new site is fully endorsed by all the major lables, and is 100% free. Not only will they carry the studio tracks, but also rare live ones as well. They plan to share the … Continue reading

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This is what a police state looks like

This is What A Police State Looks Like

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Montel Williams Turns Tables On Fox News

Fox News had Montel Williams on the morning show, and only wanted to discuss Health Ledger’s death. Montel let them have it, saying why are we going to spend 15 more minutes of news coverage on this when 28 soldiers … Continue reading

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Bush Opens Largest National Forest To Logging

Tongass National Forest in Alaska is our largest in the nation. It is pristine, with no roads anywhere within. Bush, in his last few months, has decided to change that. With one evil swoop of the pen, roads are going … Continue reading

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Attorney General Hangs Portrait of Orwell

Our new Attorney General Mukasey has furnished his new office, complete with a portrait of George Orwell. Just to refresh your memory, Orwell is the author of 1984, the book about the totalitarian government of the future, where all civil … Continue reading

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