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George W Bush – Legacy Chart

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Who is smarter – McCain or Miss SC

Who do you think knows more about economics, John McCain or Miss South Carolina?

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Bird Poops In Reporters Mouth

Live TV, Canadian Brown Finch doesn’t take well to being referred to as an infestation:

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How To Clean A Dirty Monitor

I am a big fan of a clean monitor, I abhor finger prints on it. Even if you’re not as fanatical about having a clean monitor as I am, you should check out this novel method of cleaning your screen: … Continue reading

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Obama Speech At MLK Church

Barack Obama was invited to speak at Dr. King’s church on MLK Day. He gave the most powerful speech since Dr. King spoke there himself. It is the second most popular video on youtube currently, approaching 400k views. You won’t … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney Tries To Relate To Black Youths

Mitt Romney is about so white it’s hilarious, watch as he says, “who let the dogs out… woof, woof!”, and “nice bling bling!”… what an ass clown!

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Giuliani Retaliated Against Good Samaritan

When Giuliani was Mayor, he ran the city as if he were a mafia don. Cross Gay-Rudy (I just made that mob name up for him), and he’ll throw the book at you. Check out this case, covered by the … Continue reading

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Bill Clinton Has A Dream

Watch Bill Clinton fall asleep throughout this speech, too bad he’s sitting right behind the podium.

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Eddie Murphy Predicts Giants Victory

A huge victory for New York last night, as the Giants beat the Packers, and are the first New York team to reach a championship game since the 2000 Yankees. Check out this video, Eddie Murphy predicted this 20 years … Continue reading

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The Rest Of Doctor King’s Message

Today is MLK day, and we celebrate the great history of a great man. The media will only celebrates the early half of that history. You will hear about civil rights, and the “I have a dream speech”. You won’t … Continue reading

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