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Science Tattoos

Discover Magazine just launched a gallery of science based tattoos on their website. Check it out This was one of my favs:

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Fox News is Officially Propaganda

Apparently the White House has been supplying the scripts for OReilly and Hannity. There is not supposed to be state run media in this country. This is could be a major corruption scandal:

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NYPD Officer Attacks Critical Mass Bicyclist

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Oliver Stone’s ‘W’ – Film Preview

Oliver Stone has made a film that depicts the life of our President George W. Bush, drunken flatulence and all:

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Bird Catches Fish

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Michael Savage Says Autism A Fraud

Michael Savage must be the most ignorant asshole I’ve heard in a while. He thinks autism is just kids who weren’t taught how to behave by their parents. Have a listen:

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Mama cat takes in baby bunny

It really doesn’t get much cuter, this one’s for you Maya:

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McCain Graduated 5th From Bottom

We have a C student as president now, do we really want our next one to be a D student who doesn’t know how to use a computer?

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Shark Breaks Water Behind Surfer

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Hungry Turtle

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