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Dennis Kucinich Gives Powerful Speech at DNC

Of course you won’t see this one in the highlight reel, but it was the best speech at the DNC so far.

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Daily Show Welcomes RNC Denver Convention

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Joe Biden on Giuliani

Here’s a great debate clip. Joe Biden says, “Rudy Giuliani. There’s only three things he mentions in a sentence — a noun, a verb, and 9/11. There’s nothing else!” The New York Nerd enthusiastically supports the Obama/Biden ticket.

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Michael Phelps At A Very Young Age [pic]

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2 Elephants Reunited After 20 Years

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Great Ad For Kungfu Panda

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Everything Looks Fine From His Point Of View

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Hardcore Mountain Biking

The video has no info on where this is filmed, so if you happen to know please let us know. Incredible riding, also impressive image stabalization on the camera.

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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Owner Guilty In Fed Court

Charlie Lynch was found guilty in Federal Court today. He owned a fully licensed medical marijuana dispensary, California state officials were present at the ribbon cutting ceremony. The prosecution painted him as an ordinary street dealer, and now he faces … Continue reading

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More NYPD Assaults On Critical Mass

That recent video of a cop tackling a Critical Mass bicyclist was not an isolated incident, here is 12 minutes of similar abuses caught on film. Clearly the NYPD is operating under instructions to intimidate Critical Mass. The unfortunate downside … Continue reading

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