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CNN Laughs At Sarah Palin

They show the clip of Tina Fey’s recent Saturday Night Live impersonation, followed immediately by the real clip of Sarah Palin herself. What nobody realized was that SNL used the actual transcript, it was a parody already written. God help … Continue reading

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Sarah Silverman – The Great Schlep

Sarah Silverman urges Jews to go visit their Grandparents in Florida to urge them to vote for Obama. Also gets really funny when she draws the comparison between old jews and young blacks.

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Obama Plan For Economic Reform

Yesterday, September 22, Obama made this incredibly powerful speech where he goes through his plan for economic reform, one brilliant idea at a time.

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Vaporizing Medical Cannabis 101

An interesting video about a device called a vaporizer. The vaporizer allows for the consumption of cannabis without any carbon byproduct. The THC is delivered in gas form, instead of smoke, so it is healthier. The video gets into the … Continue reading

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Fox News Subvertising

Somebody pulled off a winner here. Creating billboards like this has a name, subvertising.

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Sneaky Cat LOL

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McPalin Bumper Sticker

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McCain RNC Speech Used Wrong Backdrop [pics]

On TV it looked like McCain was standing in front of a bright green screen. People in attendance could see it was a building as you see in the wide angle photo below. What is that building that deserved such … Continue reading

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John Stewart Calls Out GOP Hypocrisy on VP Issue

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2 Conservative Commentators Caught With Live Mics

Transcript: Chuck Todd: Mike Murphy, lots of free advice, we’ll see if Steve Schmidt and the boys were watching. We’ll find out on your blackberry. Tonight voters will get their chance to hear from Sarah Palin and she will get … Continue reading

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