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1 Mile Of London Tunnel For Sale – Bomb proof

Need the ultimate bomb shelter in London? The phone company is selling a 1 mile of tunnels beneath the London streets. The tunnels have a rich history, built secretly during WWII. The price of $7 million doesn’t sound too bad. … Continue reading

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The Bailout Cost In Real World Terms

To put it in perspective, the bailout costs more than all of these COMBINED: The Marshall Plan, Louisiana Purchase, moonshot, S&L bailout, Korean War, New Deal, Iraq war, Vietnam war, and NASA’s lifetime budget. Here’s the story I honestly don’t … Continue reading

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Spy Gear

Ever have a need to smuggle some data? Me neither, but it would be pretty cool if we did 🙂 This nickle has been machine tooled to have a hollow hiding spot inside, perfect for a mini SD card capable … Continue reading

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The Nerd Is Back

Our previous hosting company, Bluehost, canceled our service without any notice, they literally pulled the plug without warning. Their reason was that the nerd was taking up too much resources, but we weren’t at the limits according to their own … Continue reading

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Overcome Your Fear Of Heights

They say most fears are based on a lack of experience. So if you have a fear of heights, it’s likely you don’t have much experience being in high places. A few minutes a day gazing at this photograph ought … Continue reading

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Obama’s First Weekly Youtube Address

President Elect Barack Obama will issue a weekly address to the nation on youtube. This is his very first such address. So thankful to have this man in office.

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Dark Ages Motivational Poster

The Christian Church brought us the Dark Ages, slowing the progress of humanity exponentially, thanks for that – not!

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George Bush Gives The Shocker

Major hat tip to the ASU Track Team who, today, got our President to give the shocker for a photo. For all those who don’t know what the shocker is, find out here. Here’s the official press release on the … Continue reading

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Stereotypes Start This Way

I’m not one to promote any stereotypes, but this picture is pretty funny.

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Our friends over at nailed a no holds barred interview with Bernard Kerik, check it out: Hey NY Nerd, this week sits down with controversial NY political figure Bernie Kerik. We are all familiar with his Shakespearian tale … Continue reading

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