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Roland Burris Built Himself A Monument

Roland Burris, the man tapped to take Obama’s Illinois Senate seat by scandal ridden Governor Rod Blagojevich, has an ego bigger than life. Roland Burris has already built himself a monument at Chicago’s Oakwood Cemetery with his accomplishments etched in … Continue reading

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Unsold Cars Piling Up At Our Ports

This is a vivid sign of our economic downturn.

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Tylenol Made In China

They are closing the last European factory producing Tylenol, so next time you pick up a bottle you can be certain it was made in China. What could go wrong? Here’s more

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Bill Maher’s Final Comment From Religulous – Merry Xmas

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1 In 3 US Toys Are Toxic

I would think that in the United States of America, I could be relatively certain that the toy I bring home from Toys R Us or your local toy store will be safe for its intended purpose. Not the case … Continue reading

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Mike Tyson Got Fat

This photograph is shocking, no other words to describe it

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As promised, the Obama administration has posted answers to the top questions from Unfortunately his official stance at this time is not in favor of legalization. Check it out

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Marijuana Legalization #1 on

Obama’s website,, had an open voting period where people could post a question, and vote other people’s questions up. The top questions will be answered publicly by members of the transition team. The number one question was: “Will you … Continue reading

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A Message From The Auto Industry


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Toxic Greenpoint

Our friends at are at it again. This time exposing the crazy pollution that is Brooklyn after decades of heavy industrial activity. Enjoy: Hey Nerd!! Did you see the New York Times article in regards to the toxicity of … Continue reading

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