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Economic Stimulus Payment – Ironic or Moronic?

Sometime this year, taxpayers will receive an Economic Stimulus Payment. This is a very exciting new program that I will explain using the Q and A format: “Q. What is an Economic Stimulus Payment? “A. It is money that the … Continue reading

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Waves Crash Over The Lighthouse

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Fox News: Fear Imbalance

After just one day of President Obama’s term, Fox News has made their position clear. They are going to be the peanut gallery, rooting for failure. Enjoy this clip from The Daily Show: The Daily Show With Jon StewartM – … Continue reading

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Deer Hunting By Automobile

Driving on the Autobahn in Germany at 140 mph in his BMW Z4, the driver hit a deer. The deer disappeared. The driver stopped and wondered where did the deer go? This is what he found… For all you deer … Continue reading

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Bike Mounted Laser Paints Bike Lane

This bike mounted laser paints a bike lane behind you as you ride, brilliant!

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San Diego – Tijuana Border [Pic]

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Middle East Conflict Political Cartoon

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Search NY State and City Payrolls

A new website lets you search by name or department and see exactly how much anyone earns. Talk about a violation of privacy, but I guess since they are paid using public funds its fair. But still to be able … Continue reading

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Kill The Juice

Not the sharpest tool in the Madrasah.

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The Case Of The Pubis VW Bug

California Highway Patrol in the Los Angeles area recently found some amusement filling out accident reports in a series of car accidents. As it turned out, drivers were losing control and running into other vehicles upon seeing a giant women’s … Continue reading

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