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Ping-pong Dining Room Table

Brilliant, a classy dining room table and a regulation size ping-pong table all in one! By Chinese designer Hunn Wai. Someone needs to mass produce these things, you reading this IKEA?

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Senior Harvard Professor: Legalize Drugs

Senior ecomomics professor at Harvard University, Jeffrey A. Miron, lays out a very intelligent argument in favor of legalization of drugs for CNN. Other vice industries produce violence during prohibition but not when legalized, and cites examples such as alcohol, … Continue reading

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Poll: Urine Tests For Welfare Recipients

[poll id=”2″] I am all for limited government, but I think this would clean up a lot of people, save us a lot of money, and get cheap labor into the workforce. Many people have to submit to drug tests … Continue reading

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Photographs of Pirates In Somalia

The pirates in Somalia have their people’s support because they are the largest employer in the region, pay the best, and are seen as the protectors of their local fishing grounds. Here’s more about illegal dumping in Somali waters. The … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart Has Cramer On TDS

Jon Stewart had Jim Cramer on his show and really nailed with hard hitting questions. This is part 2/3, part 1 was a quick intro… The Daily Show With Jon StewartM – Th 11p / 10c Jim Cramer Pt. 2 … Continue reading

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Change has come to the Whitehouse

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Jon Stewart Thrashes CNBC

“If I’d only followed CNBC’s advice, I’d have a million dollars today — provided I started with a hundred million dollars.” – Jon Stewart CNBC Gives Financial Advice

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The PrayerMAX 5000 – Prayer Amplication System

I’m so curious how many of these would sell if you aired this commercial for real at say 11pm-3am? Amazing…

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How Bacon Is Made

Bacon has gotten a bad rap as a cancer causing poison, but it sure is delicious so let’s see if I can help shed some light on the subject. Proper bacon is cured in salt, and is known as “back … Continue reading

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