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Swine Flu Humor

Update: The virus in NY is not killing people like it was in Mexico, thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster! As a New Yorker this Swine Flu Pandemic is really scary, from what I’ve read this could be a legitimate killer. … Continue reading

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Sarkozy Insecurity Motivational Poster

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Subaru WRX In A Snow Terrain Park

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Shoutout to is one of my new favorite sites, they have tons of genius material on there. Check out this one for example about how old people are stoned and children are drunks – Or this chart they have of … Continue reading

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Bush Administration Authorized Insects In Interrogations

Interesting memos released today shows how the Bush Administration authorized using insects in detainee interrogations, yikes… Another practice disclosed is called “walling” where the detainee is thrown into a fake wall designed to make a large sound upon impact. Here’s … Continue reading

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Reading into Goldman Sachs Positive 1st Quarter Results

The internet is abuzz about how Goldman Sachs reported such positive earnings for the first quarter. That it was largely a result of AIG one time payments they received (source), and employed every accounting trick in the book to avoid … Continue reading

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Google Streetview Mishap

The bridge clearance was too low + camera rolling = funny stuff! Click the arrow to approach the bridge

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Reaganomics [pic]

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NY State Passes Rockefeller Drug Law Reform

New York State has some of the most draconian drug laws in the nation, known as the Rockefeller laws. Last night after more than 5 hours of debate in the State Senate, the reform legislation passed. It had already made … Continue reading

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Worst April Fools Prank Ever –

Zecco put millions of dollars in their clients’ accounts as an April fools joke… only problem? People entered trades with the funny money, which zecco executed! Customers will be responsible for the losses but will not realize any of the … Continue reading

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