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Dog Training [pic]

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100 Best Movie Quotes In 200 Seconds

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Worst Idea Ever

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Motherlover: Justin Timberlake and Adam Samberg on SNL

Hilarious follow up to their first digital short ‘Dick In A Box’, this one entitled, Motherlover… enjoy!

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First Streaker Ever To Hit Citifield

History in the making folks, the first streaker at Citifield!

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Police Dog In Action

I’m going to have to look for some additional incredible footage to expand on this, because this German Shepard jumping clear over a car to take out an attacker is absolutely remarkable! As promised, here is the video this clip … Continue reading

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Elephant Tour Gets Randy

The facial expressions are incredible!

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VBS.TV Investigates The Colombian Narcosubs

This just in from our friends at VBS.TV: Hey Nerdo! Wanted to pass you over this investigative video we just did on the narco submarines and it’s impact on the drug trade. It’s pretty cool if I do say so. … Continue reading

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Journalist Bets He Can Take 15 Seconds of Waterboarding

Playboy journalist bets he can last 15 seconds, saying if I can hold my breath for a minute under water, why wouldn’t I be able to here. Soldier has an answer for that, due to the elevated position of the … Continue reading

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