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Man Jumps Out Of Helicopter To Catch Marlin

This is real, the guy has done this many times. He is one crazy Kiwi!

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Got Humans?

This is satire at its finest, have a lush green planet with a self sustaining ecosystem? Then you need humans! In just a few short years we will destroy and poison it for you.

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Nerd’s oldest fan to visit New York City

The Nerd’s oldest fan is coming to visit New York City with her 12 year old son, so she reached out to see if I have any must see attractions. You came to the right place Amy! And everyone please … Continue reading

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My First SLR Camera – Pentax K2000

dSLR cameras are one of the hottest items in the market today. They’re getting extremely good at the entry level and now at a $500 price point more attractive than ever. I do a lot of research on stuff like … Continue reading

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20 Year Anniversary of Tianamen Square

On June 5th, 1989, 20 years ago today, a man stood in front of an advancing column of advancing tanks in Tianamen Square, the previous day China had slaughtered thousands of students. Tank Man or the Unknown Rebel, as he’s … Continue reading

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Gary Busey In His Natural Habitat

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In Search of The Amazon’s Psychedlic Sapo Frog – The Sapo Diaries on VBS.TV

Our friends at have a new adventure to share. These guys never cease to amaze, this time going on a journey deep into the Amazon in search of the hallucinogenic sapo frog! Check it out: Hey Nerdo! For your … Continue reading

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Carp in a bathtub – Polish Christmas Tradition

My 3 year old daughter and I were just searching animal videos on Youtube, and she said let’s see a fish swimming in a bathtub. First result, Christmas tradition in Poland where you eat a live carp on Christmas Eve.

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Heaven & Hell [pic]

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