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The Boat Goes In First

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German Sprite Commercials

These German commercials for Sprite are nothing like we see here in the US, wow… racy!

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Michael Jackson Head Catches On Fire

In 1984 3000 fans gathered to watch Michael Jackson shoot a Pepsi commercial. On the 6th take the pyrotechnics explode too early and MJ’s hair is set ablaze. He doesn’t realize and keeps performing resulting in 2nd and 3rd degree … Continue reading

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Presidents Are People Too

Although you’d think they would be more evolved than this!

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How Monkeys Peel A Banana

Monkeys don’t open a banana from the stem, but from the other end. It makes it much easier to open and the stem makes a nice handle to keep your fingers clean. The video is going to go viral, A … Continue reading

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The Assassination Of Jesse James

I just watched the movie The Assassination of Jesse James, and it was really well done. The acting was great and the story interesting. I happen to be a big fan of Brad Pitt, he’s one of my favorite actors. … Continue reading

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Celebrity Deaths Come In Threes

They say celebrity deaths come in threes, Billy Mays threw in THE FOURTH ONE FREE!!! RIP Billy

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