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Hilarious Facebook Disaster

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Google Promoting Stereotypes

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Magic Tricks Performed for Chimp – Chimp Can’t Believe Eyes

This chimp is fully engaged in the magic show, very cute.

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2 Girls, 1 Bicycle

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Jamaican Tour Guide – Classic Video

This is one of those classic videos, that if we made a best of the internet montage, this would definitely be in there. Haaaa Haaaa Haaaa 🙂

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Shakespeare’s Pipes Test Positive For Marijuana

24 pipes found at the residence of Sir William Shakespeare have tested positive for Marijuana, Cocaine, among several other obscure drugs. That’s a lot of pipes, he must have been a serious smoker! National Geographic has the story.

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Paid Vacation

Paid Vacation: By taking one dump a day at work, for fifteen minutes a day, you generate 7.8 days of dookie-pay per year.

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