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Obama Pledges $8BN For High Speed Rail

Huge round of applause for the $8 Billion for high speed rail project announced today by Obama. Check it out

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Tiger Woods Meets Obama

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Haiti 360 – CNN Explorable Video

You can pan 360 degrees, look up, look down, really get a picture of what’s going on down in Haiti, check it out.

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Bottlenose Dolphins Brilliant Hunting Strategy

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Roswell UFO Mystery Solved

57 years after the supposed “weather balloon” crashed in the desert of Roswell, NM, we now have declassified information about what really happened. Turns out it was a balloon sent up to monitor for nuclear bomb testing halfway around the … Continue reading

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Our Banking Paradox

Very interesting article, sums up the current position of the US Banking Industry. Banks seem to be in a lose lose position. Check it out:

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Walrus Pleasures Itself In Aquarium Tank

I am curious as to whether this behavior would be seen in the wild, or if this walrus just has too much time on its hands.

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Wow Is Right OMG Near Death Experience

Caught on film! Took my breath away!

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