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Wild Orca Imitates Motor Sound

It probably sucks for marine mammals to have to listen to the incessant sound of motors constantly, this one looks to me like he got fed up with it.

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Stats on the Evolution of Music

Very interesting! Back in high school, everyone knew what kind of music you listened too, that’s about to happen in the world at large, as music goes social.

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SNL Republican Presidential Debate

It’s incredible how accurate (and hilarious) Saturday Night Live is, hits the nail on the head, with this parody of the Republican Presidential debates.

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Pirate Party Member In Germany

Can you locate the Pirate Party member in this photograph? The people succeeded in electing a true outsider here, will be interesting to see how things progress.

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Moon Seen From Edge Of Earth Atmosphere

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Shark Bathing Suit

This is an incredible bathing suit design.

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If Solar Power Was Subsidized

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Empire State Building Antenna Repairs

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India Pakistan Border From Space

Photograph taken from International Space Station, you can clearly see border between India and Pakistan due to special security lighting.

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