Amy Winehouse Before And After Drugs

Amy Winehouse Before & After Drugs

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  1. JJ says:

    before and after? she has found a way to remove tattoos so good you don’t even see anything of them anymore?
    I wanna know that way

  2. Vikki says:

    Um dude… the one where she has more weight is the before shot

  3. michelle says:

    Pic on right with dress is before the drugs

  4. WV says:

    Ummmm JJ, if you can’t tell which is the before and which is the after, you’ve either had your head up your own a** for the past year or so, OR you’re high as a kite!

  5. Heart says:

    Aww.. to the person who just posted and said “before and after? she has found a way to remove tattoos so good you donโ€™t even see anything of them anymore?” The first photo with the tattoos is her AFTER she started drugs. The photo with the red carpet was BEFORE tattoos and drugs. So, she didn’t have the tattoos removed they were there AFTER. I think she was so beautiful on that red carpet before drug addiction. Isn’t it sad what drugs can do?

  6. Gurt says:

    If you look in the before photo, it is a reverse. There is text on a placard behind her and it is a mirror reverse. That tattoo is on the inside of her left arm, which is away from the lens in the after photo.

  7. P says:

    The tatoo on her right arm in the before-pic, is gone on the after-pic I think is what JJ means

  8. kp says:

    Actually, P and JJ are both wrong. If you look at the pic of before, it has been reversed. Look at the words in the background. Everything is backwards. The tattoo on the inside of her forearm is on her left arm. In the before pic it is had jumped to her right.

  9. rstoppable says:

    KP is right about the reverse pic. The tat that looks like a chili pepper is on the inside of her left forearm not right. However, I think JJ still got before and after reversed. Or maybe the editor that set up the photos. lolololol.

  10. yo says:

    you dumbasses. the 1st poster about the tattoos was obviously kidding.

  11. rickei says:

    her face was really pretty!!! now its all eww

  12. maggie says:

    SAVE AMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    im scared of amy whinehouse she looked so prety b4 now im scared o her

  14. omg poor amy says:

    She ruined herself! She was so pretty! Look at her now! She is so… so… so… YUCK!!! What a waste of a perfect life! Imagine her when she was 11 saying how she was gonna have 2 kids and live in a mansion and have a hunky husband and live happily ever after! Well that dream is down the drain!

  15. emma says:

    omg! she was realy pretty and now she is way to skinny! shes had such big protental she could have done anything with her life shes got such a good voice but shes got such a bad name now everyone looks at her as a drugy!she needs to sort her self out and quickly!

  16. Anonymous says:

    man amy winehouse is sexy in the before picture man and she has let her self go and her feminine beauty for a life of drugs and shit i still think she is beautiful but after seeing this i no longer think so

  17. Jazz says:

    she looks 1000,000 times better before then after anyone who thinks any diffrenetly needs there head fucken read

  18. Mark says:

    She looked so hot before she had curves now she looks tagicly

  19. Jenny says:

    She was much prettier before she took drugs she has destroyed
    her looks and her life.

  20. Jessica says:

    She was much prettier before she took drugs she has destroyed
    her looks and her life.

  21. Jenny says:

    She was much pritter before she took drugs she has destroyed
    her looks and her life.

  22. Ellie says:

    She was fine before but so hidiouse now drugs make people mentle and ugly

  23. 6 ben 2 says:

    Oh my god she is sooooooooo!!!!!!! ugly seriously

  24. 6 ben 2 says:

    she was so hotter before but now shes a disgrace

  25. Jack says:

    She used to be hot now she looks like somthing the cat dragged in.

  26. Tammy .E says:

    what on earth has she done to her self taking drugs is not a good option not only has her looks been distorted so has her frame of mind.She could do so much better for her self
    she was such a beautiful girl lets hope she get her life on track before it’s to late.

  27. Bob says:

    I would take her anyway, I think she sings beautiful

  28. Me says:

    look at her legs before… wow!

  29. Tarynn says:

    Amy Winehouse is a total failure now. Now you see what drugs [even a tiny cigarette] can do. I want th old Amy back!

  30. poodle says:

    the fat one is on drugs and the skinny is off of drugs

  31. poodle says:

    You are all so confused. The first one is normal of the drugs and the second is when she was forced stoopid drugs yeah forced. And she has no tattoos, seriously!!! She doesn’t even wear those short of shorts. The one before all of the forcefullness isn’t even up.

  32. hanna says:

    well.. it’s to late..
    rest in peace

  33. p1-one says:

    oo GOD JJ is so stupid

  34. dffg says:

    mi dispiace dirlo qui per prima ma amy รจ morta oggi

  35. Gretchen says:

    RIP Amy Whinehouse

  36. elena says:

    she’s dead now what r u saying?she’s found dead in her house yesterday

  37. JOHN says:

    The person in the right hand picture isnt amy whinehouse its some one else the person in the picture has a tattoo on her arm that amy does not have

  38. cns says:

    i cant beleive she’s dead! what has this women done to herself?

  39. ep says:

    Tammy. E its so sad she cant get her life back on track ๐Ÿ™

    R.I.P Amy whinehouse!!

    and JJ ur so stupid cant u see the one on the left is is after??? dumbass

  40. love says:

    What has she done to herself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was such a good singer.

  41. love says:

    Rest in peace Amy

  42. love says:

    she prob died of achohol and drugs

  43. love says:


  44. R.I.P Amy Winehouse
    Eventhough She Dnnt Noe Me Nd I Didnt Noe Her Jst Wanna Say We All Love You And Yr Music
    No1 Deserves To Die :/

  45. Lisa says:

    She was so beautiful when she had a fuller figure! Its a real shame drugs took a hold of her, she had amazing talent that a lot of people will remember. Hopefully she finds peace in heaven that she could not find on Earth, R.I.P

  46. Jim says:

    People make mistakes…some die from them.
    She is dead…it happens…now go back to work…
    Oh…some of you need to learn to spell…now that is embarrassing !
    And just because it says Before and After,does not mean the photos are
    properly oriented.
    Another lesson to “look””learn” and “listen” before you believe something.
    Americans biggest failures.

  47. britt says:

    jammer dat dit zo moet ze was super:(

  48. danielle says:

    Look at her! she is an apsalote state. No man would want to go near her apart from Gold Diggers!!!! That’s what you get when your hocked on drugs How can any one say that the skinny picture of her is when she wasn’t on drugs? Considering when you take drugs your body starts to change such as loosing weight and ect.. My oppinion on her taking drugs is that she didn’t know what to waste her money on so she decided to take drugs. When she was on stage she was of her head on drugs and couldn’t sing and got boo’d of stage!!

  49. danielle says:

    The most I feel sorry for is her parent’s!

  50. nasim says:

    omg !
    she was a little pretty and fat !!!
    i think after that she was more pretty! ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. jade says:

    yea hard she looked better fat not skiney!!! R.I.P amy love ya<3

  52. joe says:

    If you look closely JJ and everyone else the picture on the right is reversed look at the writing on the wall behind her mercury is clearly backwards

  53. lala says:

    i think that before would be a better chose for her i think when she started having drug she got skinny like a stick because she never ate anything because of drug oh and fact for all the smokers out there u waste 5-10 minutes of your life smoking for each one now dont think only amy died because she took drugs so dont do drugs may god keep amy winehouse happy in heavean i was not a fan of her song but how could someone die at that age thx for reading :0

  54. Vanessa says:

    oh my god, how do you fall in this way? are really no words, this really makes us realize how hurt this stuff

  55. jodie-leigh says:

    aw bless her, she was so talented, all that now gone thanks to drugs :/

  56. paulis says:

    wow is incredible sha was so beautiful and now horrible and die

  57. Anonymous says:

    dont judge her.

  58. osman says:

    i hate amy winehouse

  59. lubna says:

    shut up every one likes amy winehouse

  60. lubna says:

    i hate amy winehoues

  61. Claire says:

    There’s such a change in appearence , aw , r.i.p amy xx

  62. Anonymous says:

    They ate her up and spit her out

  63. bahram says:

    She is queen

  64. hi wy the h did she do this thats freakin wered amd ugly

  65. wat thats so messed up just thats the most stuped woman who would do that to there self

  66. so ya thats relley messed up
    i hope none of u people do that ya so thats ya pritty much it ya so i said that to much
    kk .

  67. ya soo im wondering wat to tell u guys are wonderind right now so wat the h i dont do wat she didi

  68. ya soo im wondering wat to tell u guys are wonderind right now so wat the h i dont do wat she did

  69. its kool kid so ya ive done some resurch it
    ya so she was drunk she had a biuttiful voise till next time kool kid away

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