Amy Winehouse Before And After Drugs

Amy Winehouse Before & After Drugs

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  1. jade says:

    yea hard she looked better fat not skiney!!! R.I.P amy love ya<3

  2. joe says:

    If you look closely JJ and everyone else the picture on the right is reversed look at the writing on the wall behind her mercury is clearly backwards

  3. lala says:

    i think that before would be a better chose for her i think when she started having drug she got skinny like a stick because she never ate anything because of drug oh and fact for all the smokers out there u waste 5-10 minutes of your life smoking for each one now dont think only amy died because she took drugs so dont do drugs may god keep amy winehouse happy in heavean i was not a fan of her song but how could someone die at that age thx for reading :0

  4. Vanessa says:

    oh my god, how do you fall in this way? are really no words, this really makes us realize how hurt this stuff

  5. jodie-leigh says:

    aw bless her, she was so talented, all that now gone thanks to drugs :/

  6. paulis says:

    wow is incredible sha was so beautiful and now horrible and die

  7. Anonymous says:

    dont judge her.

  8. osman says:

    i hate amy winehouse

  9. lubna says:

    shut up every one likes amy winehouse

  10. lubna says:

    i hate amy winehoues

  11. Claire says:

    There’s such a change in appearence , aw , r.i.p amy xx

  12. Anonymous says:

    They ate her up and spit her out

  13. bahram says:

    She is queen

  14. hi wy the h did she do this thats freakin wered amd ugly

  15. wat thats so messed up just thats the most stuped woman who would do that to there self

  16. so ya thats relley messed up
    i hope none of u people do that ya so thats ya pritty much it ya so i said that to much
    kk .

  17. ya soo im wondering wat to tell u guys are wonderind right now so wat the h i dont do wat she didi

  18. ya soo im wondering wat to tell u guys are wonderind right now so wat the h i dont do wat she did

  19. its kool kid so ya ive done some resurch it
    ya so she was drunk she had a biuttiful voise till next time kool kid away

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