Animal Halloween Costumes

Animal Halloween Costume

Pug dressed as crocodile

bulldog dressed as pumpkin

chijuajua dressed as pochahantes

dog dressed as cavalry

pug dressed as darth vader

dog in business suit

dog dressed for hawaiian luow

dog dressed as princess leah

dog dressed as frog

2 dogs dressed as lobster and chef

dog and cat dressed as prisonor and warden

dog dressed as fighter plane

Dog dressed as Ewok

cat dressed as zorro

cat dressed as wizard

dog dressed as maid

bulldog dressed as pirate

cat dressed as penguin

dog dressed as spider

dog dressed as commando soldier

dogs dressed as bananas

dogs dressed as vampires

dogs dressed as winnie the pooh and piglet

lizard dressed as wizard

dog dressed as geisha

dogs dressed as hansel and gretel

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64 Responses to Animal Halloween Costumes

  1. Noah says:

    NIce! I always feel bad when I dress up my dogs. They look so uncomfortable. I found this list of funny halloween costumes today. Pretty funny.

    Creative Halloween Ideas

  2. Fingel says:

    That damn dog stole my idea ๐Ÿ™

  3. Ben says:

    Oh how I laughed. I really loved the first one!

  4. Jerke Wadde says:

    Really, the IP addresses of the submitters of these photos should be collected, resolved, and then the Internet providers concerned should be subpoenaed for the home addresses and then they be arrested, tried and summarily executed for abuse of animal dignity.

  5. mandy says:

    brilliantly funny…my son and i laughed our heads off

  6. Janna says:

    So amazing… i have no idea which one is my favorite!

  7. We found this thru Parents Goodyblog. We loved all the Pugs especially Darth Vador and Princess Leia…we laughed so hard we almost cried.

  8. Martha says:

    I thought I’d bust a gut!

  9. Darth Vader is my favorite. They’re all very funny.

  10. FeeFiFoto says:

    My dog would just eat it.

  11. Stephanie says:

    Omg those are so adorable, they made me giggle!

  12. Gerald says:

    Dressing up animals is unnecessary, immoral and ethically objectionable. It reduces living creatures to objects and makes a joke of the dignity every living organism should be entitled to.
    One word to the parents who “laughed so hard blablabla”: is this really what you want your children to learn from this page, that human arrogance and the belief that the stronger may humiliate the weaker will prevail? Please rethink your positions or once you’re the weaker member of society you will be dealt with equally without the restriction to getting only a laugh out of your existence.

  13. Take it easy, Gerald. First of all, I wonder if you have any pets or any children. I also wonder how dressing your beloved pet up for Halloween is immoral and etically objectional – are you for real !?? When I dress my children and dog ( my dog is one of my kids)up, am I making a joke of their “dignity” ? Am I “arrogant” and “humiliating the weak” ? Am I “only getting a laugh out of their existence” ? Well, Gerald the answer is a big fat NO . You are an idiot. Get a life.

  14. Finkleberg says:

    Dressing up animals for Halloween is not bad. Its cool. Gerald, you should worry about the people that actually abuse animals like hitting them or not feeding them or maybe donate money to Ethiopia or something. Were just dressing up dogs here.

  15. Gerald says:

    I would now draw attention to your answer and the way you are being insulting and totally hysterical if I thought it made any sense to point this out to you, but I guess it simply doesn’t… arguing with the weak-minded is like watering the Sahara desert with a tablespoon.
    Just fyi: I do share my home with pets and not just a few… and I do have kids, so don’t worry about my position of argumentation, it’s factually as based as it can get… I suppose your kids come to you asking you to help them dress up for Halloween, right? Does your dog come and ask for it? Does he walk into the mall, stand in front of a stand with costumes and bark at them in desire? Does he wait in line to have his face decorated with make-up to be the most scary dog in your neighbourhood? He does? Great! Then tell him to go trick-and-treating with your kids and later you can enroll him into any college he likes! But I’m sure you’ll discuss all that with him, after all you two seem to be on the same educational level… no offence to you doggy, in case you have to read this out to your “owner” due to his or her mental deficiency.
    Animals are named animals because they are not human… if they were, they would be called humans… so stop treating them like they were your kind. BTW, tests have shown that those animals who see the slightest chance in escaping sudden attacks of “getting dressed up” take this chance. Draw the conclusion, thinking might help you, your brain is your friend (I hope…).

  16. URAretard says:

    Hey Gerald,

    If you’re really so concerned with violations of dignity, why don’t you go volunteer your efforts for humans being subjugated all around the world? How about you start in Iran, China, Cuba, and North Korea?

    If you’re telling us a sense of dignity for one, even exists in an animal, you’re absolutely insane, and not worthy of anyone’s time here. But, to assume that these dogs feel some kind of shame and embarrassment for being put in a costume that’s only funny to humans, is way over the top, and definitely qualifies you to lead the PETA organization. In short, you’re a nutcase.

    So, please, let us all understand, Gerald, if a dog is so dignified as to always try to escape the embarrassment of being dressed up, for the sake of their own dignity, then why do 99.9 of all dogs feel perfectly content sitting in the corner of a room, licking their crotch in front of everyone, and dry humping everything in sight?

    Sounds like a simplistic and juvenile question on the surface, but I really doubt someone like you would even have the ability to rationalize, so I’m sure you are sitting there scratching your head on that one. It comes down to common sense, and you, sir, have none whatsoever. Get a life, and stop spewing your PETA hate.

  17. Nancy says:

    These pets are obviously loved and well-cared for. How does a little humor harm them?? Have you ever laughed at a baby when they make a funny face, or pass gas, etc. etc. I’m sure that these animals are loving the attention, and don’t know the concept of humiliation!!

  18. Tammy says:

    I have a feeling poor Gerald has been humiliated and laughed at himself. Anyway back to the original topic, I think these are cute. I suspect the masters had more fun than the pets, but hey at my house I am not really sure who is the pet and who is the master…I have a feeling I am their pet ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. ruby says:

    My favorite was the penguin costume because it was so cute!

  20. Patricia says:

    Dressing up our family members be they kids, dogs, cats, iguanas or ourselves is just pure fun. In this crazy world where people and animals are abused daily, is there no place for just some pure clean fun? We all need to laugh at ourselves and with, not at, others. Happy Halloween!
    PS. My Maltese, Gus, is dressed as the Devil and is carrying a pitchfork with a picture of Michael Vick on it!!!!!!

  21. Kathryn says:

    Hey Fingel! Stop cursing. And also, this is so funny! And also URAretard, leave Gerald alone even thought that person isn’t a real parent, they can say what they want to say.

  22. shari says:

    Hey Gerald, worry more about the kids who set fire to the dog by my house last Halloween. I’d much rather they’d dressed him up in a silly costume, than leave him with permanent scars from all his burns. Yea, only one of my dogs and two of my cats will allow me to dress them up, and they eat up all the attention they get.

  23. Dave says:

    Gerald should have finished grammar school. It was painful trying to follow his post.

    I say we abolish all holidays and festive occasions that require any living being to wear anything other than the floodwater jeans, suspenders and pocket protector that Gerald sports ๐Ÿ™‚

    My poor children. What fate pulling me as a father when they could have had a parent like Gerald.

  24. Mary says:

    Gerald, I support rescue groups, animal shelters, SPCA, and Katrina animal rescues. I also dress up my dogs every chance I get. They love it. And we all get a sense that you are projecting your own sense of humiliation. Don’t take your hurt out on good animal owners. We didn’t do whatever it was to you!

  25. Rannit says:

    Gerald, your pathetic. You probably spew all this hate in every post you come across. Always having something negative to say. Whats with you. Get some help. I should dress you up in a big doggy costume and walk you a bit and make you lift your leg and pee on a fire hydrant. Maybe you’d like that. You freak.

  26. Fred Koch says:

    my wife and I enjoyed the haloween pet dressup as we have three cute dogs we consider our children.
    As for Geraldene I feel sorry for whatever it is for it to comment on dressing up dogs is humilating.
    Gerald you got my attention you should join Bush.

  27. Rochelle says:

    Poor, poor Gerald. Pity him because he was born without a humor gene. I’ll bet he doesn’t think mooning is funny either….or the streakers from the 70’s.. Relax Gerald, it’s all in good fun. Get a life.

  28. John says:

    Dogs sniff one another’s butts and drink from the toilet. I think nature took care of their dignity for them Gerald. It’s just too bad we can’t have people like yourself neutered to save the population from idiocy.

  29. Lurksome says:

    Look at the expressions on the faces of all the pets. The majority look either bored, confused or quite upset. It reminds me the saying: “Never try to teach a pig to sing; you end up wasting your time and annoying the pig.”

    Why bother?

  30. tashia says:

    i love it they are soooooooo cute i love the bananas

  31. Peggy says:

    I have to agree a bit with Gerald. I do have pets and children, I think animals should be honored for what they are, perhaps it is because I have always had working dogs, and have trained service dogs. These pets do not look like they are having a good time.

  32. Janneke says:

    Hahahahahah this is soo sad but sooo funny!!! Hahha laughed my head off! And for the people woh think this is bad for the animals: you should’nt take this too serious.. and the animals well.. they could also live somewhere in Afrike where they probably get eaten…

  33. brady says:

    dressing up dos is stupid

    go gerald

  34. brady says:

    dressing up dogs is stupid

    go gerald

  35. not Gerald says:

    Well, I know more about cats than about dogs. But most of the above takes show either a dog which always looks sad or does not look pissed at all. So what? Love animals. But refuse to set them on a throne and worship their dignity. They too don’t exactly when your cat digs her claws into your nose in the morning to make you open the window, right?

  36. me says:

    hi, i think this is sorta cruel, animals are not dolls. and stop having a go at every1 you are saying they are bad, just look ate your selves, your judging people by a comment they made!
    i’m a veggie and i dont agree with things like this, thats my opinion so dont have a go at me 4 what i think.

  37. Rae says:

    These pictures are very cute, however I don’t see any mention of credit to those who took the photos?

    Second, Kathryn, get a freaking life. Are you going to waggle your finger at me for saying “freaking”? Idiot.

    Third, Gerald – You’re even funnier than the pictures. I’ll have to dress up my dogs just in honor of you. I pity your children.

  38. The pirate showing his pirate treasure is my favorite


  39. Faye says:

    The last picture is of Little Red Riding Hood and Grandmother(or the Big Bad Wolf dressed as Grandmother), not Hansel and Gretel.

  40. HARUMI says:

    WOW!!! They are so cute!!!!
    I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Zach says:

    The Bearded Dragon as Merlin – nice!…but don’t forget about Diablo

  42. Sara says:

    Idiot Gerald. Have some fun in life.

  43. Sara Jr. says:

    I’m Saras daughter. I agree. I hate stupid Gerald but love this page!!! All the dogs are really cute!!

  44. Mi amigo arturo paseando por el barrio El Golf

  45. Gerald's Daddy says:

    Ha! Gerald. HAHAHA!

    Is dressing up animals silly? Yes, but it’s totally harmless to your pet. It’s actually pretty silly for people to do it too. If anything I think it would be disrespectful to your pet to leave them at home while everyone else is dressing up and going door to door, having a good time. If you truly have any respect for the non-human members of your family, maybe you should stop trying to dignify them by treating them like animals and dignify them by treating them more like any other member of the family. Feel free to exclude them because you think “Oh, this is just for humans–you are too dignified to do as your human family members do to have fun…”

    I’ll grant you that pets don’t usually like being thrown in clothes. And I can admit they aren’t picking it for themselves (as far as we know)…but to think this does some sort of psychological damage to your loved one is crack pipe science. They might hate being thrown into clothes, but they certainly like the attention. I don’t know a dog that doesn’t like attention, besides the MEAN, or just ABUSED ones. They don’t even in all probability don’t understand what costumes are all about anyway. Costuming is a fairly abstract concept, all the animals know is they are being surrounded in clothing and getting a lot of attention–and “gee this thing is kinda uncomfortable” (maybe not even uncomfortable)

    Nevermind how senseless your argument sounds, it’s also completely unfounded by any factual evidence. The pet may loathe the costume, but on the spectrum of things–this is mild. Doubtful there is any humiliation, and These owners love their animals and probably just want them to be a part of the family. Also to have people say “Awww, your pet looks so cute.” Once the dog comes out of the costume, I’m sure there are no psychological scars. You are simply wasting your energy and not convincing anyone. That speaks mounds about your personality. Intelligent people pick their battles, stupid people make BOLD, UNFOUNDED arguments rooted in their *own* beliefs (and the nuts like them). You are coming close to that threshold by standing on that principle and trying to convince people that, I’m sorry to tell you, see this A LOT clearer than you do.

    Sorry to tell you that bro, I think you mean to be a good person and there’s nothing wrong with that in and of itself–but there are FAR better fights worth fighting.

    If nothing else, lighten up a little bit. This is a victimless crime. Nobody is driving pets to commit suicide or become depressed and feel unloved. As far as I can tell, loved dogs only seem to feel down when their owner is down. One last thing, the dressing up of your pet is probably such a strange and unnecessary thing to an animal that humiliation has less to do with it and it has more to do with slight discomfort. I don’t think a pet is going to feel bad if he can recognize that everyone else is also wearing a costume. He just might not like it because they don’t usually wear clothes, or the outfit is just annoying. Most play along in either delighted bewilderment or uncomfortable bewilderment.

    Either way, I’m interested to see if I can get you to change this coal into diamonds for me. I need to know how much you charge because I’ve got tons of this stuff and you seem like the proper sort of fellow to ask.

  46. Jesssss says:

    those are soo cute! and btw my dog loves getting dressed up ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. go away gerald says:

    this is hilarious! I love the pirate one, and have used it as my desktop background for the past couple Octobers. I had a lab that hated having costumes or anything like them put on her. I hated when she chewed up my stuff, but that didn’t stop her.

  48. go away gerald says:

    by the way Gerald’s Daddy, Gerald wrote that post 2 years ago lol, so I doubt he still checks this page. Oh well

  49. Scott Schafer says:

    I thought these were hilarious.

    As far as cruelty to the subjects goes, I doubt there are many organisms living on the planet who have it as good as these pets. A big part of the reason we have pets, I think, is so we can live vicariously through them. They get to play and sleep all day, and they don’t have to worry about food, shelter, et cetera. If the worst thing that happens to them is a silly outfit once a year…well, my heart doesn’t bleed.

    I used these pictures to threaten my cat, who tried to wake me up from 2AM to 8AM, and then fell promptly asleep when the alarm went off. #$%^

  50. sarah says:

    Hey! Everyone has there own opinion about dressing up animals!! But come on! It’s Halloween! What if the dogs liked to be dressed up! You can not put your words in the mouth of something that can not speak!! But obviousily if the pets are not happy why dress them up!

  51. Matthew Slavey says:

    These pictures are the funniest dogs i have ever seen.

    Next to mine

  52. qwerty says:

    cool cooleo

  53. shantell says:

    wow i love the animals i love the lizard, who likes girls i need a boy friend?

  54. Hulga says:

    I’m not really into pics of animals dressed in costume. But, since it is the season, I really like the kitty dressed as a penguin. I love the eye whiskers sticking out of the holes. The iguana is pretty cool too.

  55. ...sdf says:

    its not an iguana

  56. Hilary Brown says:

    these animal pictures are absolutely lovely, such cute little wonders and very cleverly thought up. Amazing.

  57. kamikay says:

    aweson pics i love animals lol haha:D

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  59. Jun 17, 2010· the particular mad Hatter costume will most likely end up being probably the most well-known outfits in 2010. It is no wonder as a result of discharge of the newest Walt Disney’s Alice within …costume

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