Animated Map Of Middle East

This map shows who has controlled the region through-out history. Let’s hope sustainable peace is bestowed upon this tumultuous region.

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3 Responses to Animated Map Of Middle East

  1. Martin Estofinelli says:

    Por favor me envían el mapa de los Imperios.
    Les agradezco infinitamente.

  2. Martin Estofinelli says:

    Esta excelente!!!,maravillosos!!!
    Soy profesor de la secundaria y le daríamos uso excelante!!

  3. Charles Fredricks says:

    I assume you had to take down the Animated Map of the Middle East, probably due to threats. Pity the truth is not to be known so the distortions that lies & ignorance make possible may continue. Any chance you ‘ll put it back up?

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